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Atlantic City Blackjack

Atlantic City Blackjack is a slot machine faithful to the traditional rules of blackjack. A realistic atmosphere is created with the conventional blackjack table and all the traditional supernumeraries on the table.

The dealer tells the player when they push. It’s pretty good to hear him say “player wins”.There is no music or fancy features. The true blackjack faithful will appreciate the absence of some of the extra attributes added to other forms of the game that detract from it’s true originality.

The game is really easy to read. The deal, hit, stand, split, double and insurance buttons are easily accessible. There is also the traditional surrender option which allows a player to give up if they feel they can’t win. When this option is taken they only lose half of their ante.

Being a traditional blackjack played under traditional rules the various strategy charts can be successfully used. They consist of tried and true advice on when to hit, split double or stand, depending on what the dealers first card is and what the player draws. The player should try these as they have proven quite successful.

Some of the strategy rules include, always split pairs of aces and eights. Never split pairs of 5’s or tens. Always double down aces and sevens. Sticking to these rules will prove fruitful more often than not.

It may be said that Atlantic City Blackjack is close to the real thing. This is not quite true. It is, in fact, the real thing and it can be played within the safe confounds of the players home. Players should play the free trial before the real game is attempted. Test their strategies and find which ones work for them. Once they have their plan of attack down pat, they can begin the onslaught towards richdom.


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