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The game blackjack is an all-time favorite of people interested in playing casino games. Therefore, an addition by the name of Classic Blackjack has been done to the family of blackjack. This game permits the blackjack lovers to play the blackjack game with multiple hands at the same time.

Although this name suggests it to be a basic level game, but the game comprises of all the modern and sophisticated features that leave the players dazzled. It is filled with strong graphics, casino level-speed, world class sound and rich options. All these features make the gaming experience a realistic one and tempt the players to keep on playing the game non-stop. 

The game is played using a single deck of 52 cards which are randomly shuffled every time the game starts. The players in this game have to beat the dealer in order to win the game. This can only be done if the player scores a 21 or anything under that is above the dealer’s score.

This user friendly game doesn’t have any joker or a wild card to attract the players, but the value added features keep the players attracted. The game permits a maximum bet of 200 coins and provides a maximum reward of 400 coins to its players.

The players also have an option of either splitting the pairs or doubling on some specific hands. Apart from this, the game also permits the player to buy insurance which can only be bought when the dealer has an ace showing.

Try out this incredible game and get a taste of the gaming experience delivered by this game However, first apply for a free version of this game and then apply for a paid version of this game to get a comprehensive taste of the classic blackjack game with all the features forever and win enormous amount of profits.

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