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Double Exposure

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Double Exposure.

Sit at a real Blackjack table with all the realism of a actual live game. Double Exposure is a sensationally realistic slot machine, simulating a genuine Blackjack table. The realism goes as far as the player moving his own chips on the table to make their bets and the sound of the cards being dealt.

The music is just great and gives the feel of a piano bar. Some fabulous jazz piano playing in the background adds to the feel of realism.

Blackjack is one of the genuine iconic card games of the world. Those looking for something a little different to the classic game will certainly be drawn to Double Exposure with some small changes taking the edge away from the house and placing fairly in the hands of the player.

There are a couple of small changes to the rules of Blackjack on this slot machine. The dealer’s and player’ hands are exposed, hence the name Double Exposure. Unlike the real game the dealer wins all ties except for Blackjack and all draws below 17, they go to the player. There are also 8 regular decks of cards used, thereby altering the odds of receiving the right card greatly.

The player starts the game by choosing their ante. They have chips in front of them and can bet from one to forty credits. The dealer then deals himself and the player two cards. The aim, of course is to have the total of their cards be as close to 21 as possible without going over or, busting. If either has Blackjack ( Ace and 10, J, Q or K) the hand finishes with the holder of Blackjack winning.

The player at this point can stay and sit on the two cards they have. They can hit as many times as they like and the dealer will deal another card each time until the player feels they can’t go any further with out busting.

If the player feels that their hand is proceeding effectively they are given the opportunity after the first hit to double their bet. If the first two cards are the same the player can split them and play two hands. This will also bring about the doubling of their ante.

Once the player has sat on a hand the dealer proceeds through the same process. The hand that is closest to 21 without busting wins the hand.

The music, the game, and the sound effects make Double Exposure one of the truly fantastic slot machines. The odds are certainly in the players favour. If they a smart that can stack the chips and clean the house out.





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