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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

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Double Exposure Blackjack Gold

For those who like a flutter, a little blood warming excitement at the blackjack table, there is no better place to visit than a Double Exposure Blackjack Gold table. It’s modern state of the art slot machine technology creates a virtual blackjack table and atmosphere that closely replicates the pleasures of the classic James Bond style of blackjack arena. .

Put the headphones on and be transported to a whole new world of high rolling action while the background piano melodies massage the mind.

The player sits at a realistic blackjack table among all the sounds that go along with it. The tinkering of ante chips as they are placed on the betting square and the flicking of cards as they are dealt.

“Bet’s Please” is the dealers plea if the player is taking to long to decide on their bet. The steamy timbers of the female dealer calls their cards as they fall. “ Player wins” is what they want to hear from her sensual tone of voice after each hand.

The odds are swayed firmly in the favour of the player as in Double Exposure Blackjack Gold the dealers hand is exposed, hence the name double exposure. The player has an advantage that does not exist in the traditional game as they can decide on how they proceed according to the dealers hand. It is elementary and extremely easy to play, even for the beginner.

The player has 1, 5, 10 and 25 chips and they can bet from 1 to 1000 credits. For the uninitiated player, the idea is to finish with a higher valued hand than the dealer without going over 21.The player will win automatically if the dealer busts (goes over 21). The player also automatically loses if they bust.

Double Exposure Blackjack Gold is and incredible experience in slot machine playing. The rules are easy to follow and are all displayed on the blackjack screen. Before a player begins risking their hard earned, they should play a few practice games with pretend money to get the hang of how it works. They may never again play any other form of slot machine after this wonderful experience.




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