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European Blackjack

Here comes the classic Blackjack in European flavour. Anybody who has tried his or her hand with this American classic would love to give European Blackjack a try for sure. Though rules of the game are same as the traditional version, its cool graphics and music score makes the game play pretty interesting. Plenty of free bonuses, jackpots, and other cool winnings help it score over the traditional version as well.

European Blackjack Game Play

It is played in traditional style, with five decks of 52 cards. One way to beat the odds is to play with multiple hands; that can go a long way in countering dealers’ advantage. The crux of the game remains the same, you need to collect a hand as close as possible to 21, but not exceed that.

The wager amount starts at 2 credits and is capped at 200 credits. One player is allowed to play five hands, so the maximum bet amount in one go can be 1000 credits. More you bet, higher are the chances of winning in the game. If your pocket allows you to spend a bit leisurely, consider betting as much amount as you can.

Game can be started by pressing the artistically designed Deal button and with that, the action starts. Most usual actions like Hit to add cards and Stand to do nothing else can be performed with the help of appropriate buttons on the game interface. If you have little experience with the offline version of the game, you will find the online version immensely easy.

Online European Blackjack adds to the fun by introducing functions like Split, Double, and Insurance. The game software is pretty intelligent to activate the appropriate option as when the conditions are suitable for same. All in all, it is a great game and worth trying for every gambling enthusiast.

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