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European Blackjack Redeal

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Just as the game title suggests, you now have the opportunity to redeal the cards you have been dealt in the latest game- European Blackjack Redeal!

This exciting new twist to Blackjack has taken the online gaming world by storm!

The game includes a Double Down feature and split options, where the Dealer stands on all 17 and is played with 2 decks per game.

You get up to 5 turns to redeal the cards in any of the following ways:

• Redeal a hand
• Redeal the Dealers hand
• Redeal the last card dealt

These options certainly place you in the winning front to create endless combinations enhancing your gameplay on greater levels at a small additional cost.

All these features are backed by excellent graphic details and ambient sounds that set the mood for a relaxed yet exciting game.

Additionally, player support is on hand 24/7 should you require assistance with anything in the casino. Be sure to take advantage of the casino promotions to increase your worth and experience an engaging gaming adventure!


Don’t miss out on the beauty of this game, Play European Blackjack Redeal today.

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