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Hi Lo 13 Blackjack

The world’s favourite card game, Blackjack, even got better with Hi Lo 13 Blackjack online casino game. The creator of the game, Microgaming, has improvised on it by adding the option of side bet and improving upon the game graphics and sounds. Quite importantly, it has received rousing reception at most places and gamblers are found pretty eager to try their luck in this game.

The primary feature of the game, Side Bet, is pretty simple to understand. The hand value of first couple of cards is calculated as per standard rules of Blackjack. However, the ace is counted as one as against 11 in the traditional version. It is possible to place three types of side bets in the game: ‘Hi 13’, ‘Lo 13’ and ‘13’.

‘Hi 13’ happens to win in case the hand value is more than 13. ‘Lo 13’ wins if the hand value is less than 13 and ‘13’ wins when hand value is exactly 13. One can place any one of these three side bets or all three of them. While the payout rate of ‘Hi 13’ and ‘Lo 13’ is 1:1, that of ‘13’ is a monstrous 10:1!

One can place a maximum bet of up to 200 credits, which can multiply up to 2000 credits when you play your cards right, quite literally. The house edge is bit lower than normal as only two decks are made use of in the game. Other payouts are same as those of normal blackjack; standard blackjack 3:2 payout; normal 1:1 payout and 2:1 payout in case of insurance.

A couple of smart modes are made available in Hi Lo 13 Blackjack. Such features include Auto Rebet, Manual Rebet X2, Expert Mode and Auto Play Mode. Whichever mode you choose, make it a point to enjoy it to the core!

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