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High Limit European Adv BJ

The High Limit European Adv BJ is a modified version of the normally played blackjack game.

This game is extremely popular amongst gamblers all across the world. This game is ideal for people who are exceptional at playing blackjack and this game will also help enhance their playing skills.

This game is played using two decks of cards each comprising of 52 cards each. After every game, these cards are required to be shuffled. The players are allowed to bet only on one hand per bet within a range of 1 credit to 1000 credits per hand.

On unique betting option available within this game is of insurance bet. The insurance bet is against the dealer comprising of a blackjack and can only be placed when the dealer’s ace card has been shown or is showing.

Furthermore, this bet also has a payout higher than any other bets. The payout ratio in an insurance bet is of 2:1.

Furthermore, this game also gives the players an option to split the cards. For instance, two queens or two kings can be divided into two different hands.

Once this is done, a bet equivalent to the amount of the original bet is placed on the other hand. The players are able to play up to five hands.

The high limit European adv bj is full of surprises.

Lovers of blackjack will definitely find this game extremely amusing, entertaining and interesting. Therefore, if you are a blackjack lover why wait to get an experience of this intricate game?

Sign up for a free version of this game available upon the internet to get an idea of the experience this game provides and then after being completely satisfied get a paid version of this website to get a complete gaming experience.

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