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Multi Hand European BJ Gold

Even if the player is new to blackjack, multi hand European BJ gold is a fun variation to play. When played with real money, the winnings are also real. Register a real account and all the winnings get transferred automatically to the player’s account.

The aim of blackjack is to make a total of twenty one by adding the face value of the cards. Each card is equivalent to the denomination shown and jack, queen, king of any suit are valued at ten. Aces of any suit can have a value of either one or eleven depending on what is needed to make the total of twenty one or lower.

The minimum bet is as low as 1 credit and the maximum bet is 200 credits per hand. This casino game is played with two regular decks of fifty two playing cards. All the cards are shuffled before each game. This increases the probability of getting a winning twenty one hand every time.

The aim of the game is like all blackjack casino games. The player has to either get a higher total than the dealer value hand without exceeding twenty one. The dealer deals the cards to the player after the player had bet some amount. This game allows the player to bet up to five hands at a time. This increases the winnings in multiples and the player has to use brains to decide where to ‘hit’ and where to ‘stand’.

Register immediately to play for real as multi hand European BJ gold offers a great ambience, a sophisticated table with precision animation, and digital sound along with brilliance of imagination in the tradition of gambling. Win big prize money and bet all the five hands.

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