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Multi-Hand Blackjack

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Multi-Hand Blackjack

Who has not enjoyed a single hand blackjack?

Now enjoy multi-hand blackjack with the online casino games. Play for real money and win real money.

The goal of blackjack is to get a sum total of twenty one or lesser points on the cards that are dealt out. The player basically bets against the dealer. This casino game offers options to play five hands at a time. This multiplies the options for the player to win up to five times the bet.

The player places the bet on one or all five of the hands that can be played. The dealer deals out the cards on all the hands that have been bet upon and for self. The player has to apply brains and decide whether to allow the dealer to open the next card on that hand. This is called ‘hit’. In case the player decides that no more cards to be opened then it is called ‘stand’.

Click on the ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ as required. Then the dealer proceeds to the next set of cards and so on. The dealer has to have a minimum total of seventeen.  If the cards total exceeds twenty one the hand is said to go ‘bust’. If the dealers had goes bust then the player wins on all the bets else player wins when player’s total is higher than dealer’s total.

This is a simple game to play which makes it more enjoyable. The fantastic animation and graphics along with the background sound give the feel of a real casino and the player can experience the feel of the velvet table too. The total of the cards are displayed clearly which makes the game more enjoyable.

This simple casino game is not only dependent on luck but on the player’s skills too. Enjoy multi-hand blackjack and win in multiples.

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