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Multi Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

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Multi Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold

Play multi hand Vegas Downtown blackjack gold and win big bonus. With options to play up to five hands at a time, the probability of the player winning against the dealer can be five times.

Like all games of blackjack the player has to try and make the total of the cards to twenty one. If the player gets twenty one, it is called a blackjack and is a sure winner unless the dealer also gets the same total. If the total goes above twenty one then it is called ‘bust’. The winning hand is the one where the total of the player’s cards is higher than the dealer’s card which has to be minimum seventeen.

The player can bet up to five hands. The dealer deals out the cards on all the seats where the bet is placed. The slick animation of the cards dealt is very classy and the table is sophisticated too. The chips pile is on the left of the player. Click on the denomination of the chips and place them on the seat by clicking on that seat. The cards are dealt. The sum total of the cards is displayed.

Player then has to decide whether to deal out one more card (‘hit’) or stop at the total that is ‘stand’. If player gets two cards of the same face value then player has the option to split the card and double the bet. This increases the chances of winning. The dealer card is dealt out last and as per the winning hand the money is given or taken.

Multi Hand Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold provides world class gambling entertainment. Register immediately to play for real and rake in all the gold that this online game has to offer to the player.

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