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Perfect Pairs European

Blackjack is one of the worlds most popular card games. There are many different variations to make the game more attractive to the new players. Perfect Pairs European a great innovation with special new features that will have the blackjack tragic frothing at the mouth.

Players will be lured into a sense of realism with the smooth sounds of the background piano massaging the ears. The table, with settings for 5 players, on a lovely green silk and teak table add to the atmosphere. With chip holder, card dealer and discarded card tray, everything thing that would be expected of real blackjack table are there.

The sounds of the cards being dealt and the chips being moved around the table are authentic. Players can be drawn into the game and hypnotised into feeling that they are at an actual Blackjack table. Well! they are.

The real treat with Perfect Pairs European is that the player can play from one to five hands. They have the opportunity to win 5 times in one game. Of course there is a fair bit of luck involved in any gambling card game. However there is also a fair amount of logic and tactics required. Players can bet different amounts on each hand and play each hand individually.

They need to fashion their own plan of attack. Strategy will play a massive part in the players success. Free games are available so that players are able to learn how the game plays and they can decide on the strategy they should use.

Another great feature that makes this slot unique is the Perfect Pairs side bet. They player can also bet on a perfect pair (same cards of same suit), coloured pair (same cards of same colour) or mixed pair (same card of different colour). These bets are made in the designated area of the table.

When the dealer say “bets please” it's time to be transported into the world of high rollers. The player will feel that they are actually at a real table. They will endure the same lows and experience the exhilarating highs that goes with the game of Perfect Pairs Blackjack, a game that truly pushes the odds fairly towards the player.


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