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Blackjack Multi-Hand Bonus

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Blackjack Multi-Hand Bonus

Premier blackjack multi hand bonus is normally called PBJ multi hand bonus is a game with an addition. There is a bonus set that makes the player win big bonus payouts.

The aim of blackjack is to get a total of twenty one or the total should be higher than that of the dealer. It is compulsory for the dealer to get a minimum total of seventeen. When playing this amazing variation of blackjack, the player has the option to bet up to five hands. This increases the probability of winning.

The bets are placed by the player on the number of hands to play. The dealer deals out the cards on all the places where bets are placed. A player may choose not to bet on all five but maybe two or three or just a single hand. The aim is to get a total of twenty one by adding the face value of the cards. The player can ‘hit’ or ‘stand’ the cards as per the total.

An additional feature of this online casino game is the blackjack bonus bet. This is an optional feature if the player wants to add some fun to the game. The bonus payout is decided by the first two cards that are dealt out. If player gets a winning combination then the payouts are added to the regular winnings. The bonus hand payouts are 5:2 if two cards of the same suit are in hand. Jack and ace of the same suit pays 25:1 while jack and ace of spades pays 50:1.

Player has the chance to win a bonus payout along with the regular payout when playing PBJ multi hand bonus with real money. So bet maximum and let the wins be transferred to the real account automatically.

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