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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold

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Vegas Single Deck Blackjack Gold

Vegas single deck blackjack gold is a traditional game of blackjack that is played with only a single deck of fifty two playing cards and betting a single hand only. This single deck of cards is shuffled before each hand so the player has the options to win more often and decide whether to hit or stand and get the winning hand.

The player places the bet.  The dealer deals out the cards. The winning combination is an ace with a card of face value ten. This is called the BJ or blackjack and cannot be beaten but only matched. The player has to try and get a total higher than the dealer’s cards. If the dealer gets a higher total then the player does not win that hand. If the total of the dealer’s cards goes above twenty one, it is called ‘bust’. If the dealer’s hand gets busted then no matter what is the player’s total below twenty one, the player has to win.

Player has the option to double the bet by taking a calculated chance as to the card that will be opened would not exceed the total of twenty for the hand to go ‘bust’. If two cards of the same face value are opened, it should be split as that increases the probability of a win.

The look of the table is successfully achieved to feel like a real blackjack table. The coins are places very conveniently and all the operating buttons are positioned to give the effect of a pub-style slot machine. What more can a player ask for?

The deck and the hand are single but the winnings are in multiple when playing Vegas single deck blackjack gold. Get into the BJ action immediately and start winning.

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