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Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

The aim of blackjack is to get a winning hand by getting a total of twenty one. If the total of the player’s cards is more than that of the dealer but not exceeding twenty one, that is also a winning hand. Vegas strip blackjack gold is an interesting version of blackjack.

Played with four regular decks of fifty two playing cards shuffled before each game, the player can thus decide the probability to get a winning hand. The aim is to get a total of twenty one by adding up the face value of the cards. If either person’s total exceeds twenty one then it is called a ‘bust’ hand.

The player can place a bet from 1.00 credit to 1000.00 credits per hand. First the bet is placed by the player, the dealer then deals out the cards. Depending on the value of the cards, the player may decide to open more cards to get a total of twenty one or closest to it. When player wants to open one more card, the ‘hit’ button has to be clicked on otherwise click on the ‘stand’ button.

If two cards of the same face value open then player has the option to ‘split’ the cards so the bet is doubled and the chances of getting a winning hand are also doubled. Once the hand is dealt out, the player has the option to double the bet if the intuition says that opening just one card will get the desired total.

With Vegas strip blackjack gold paying 3:2 on black jack and the dealer has to stand on seventeen, the chances of winning for the player are much higher. So enjoy this game now and win multiple times the bet.

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