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Spanish Blackjack

The graphics and dealers voice puts the player right in the zone for a realistic Blackjack experience. Spanish Blackjack is exactly as the traditional blackjack. The one important difference is that instead of using conventional 52 card deck, the 48 card Spanish deck is used. The Spanish Blackjack deck has the 10's removed giving the player a 2% edge over the 52 deck game.

Players will be seated at a well organised  blackjack table with a truly authentic feel. As the games proceeds a player can get lost in the moment and believe they actually setting at a real Blackjack table. The flicking of cards and the clunking of chips assist in creating a mood of authenticity.

For the uninitiated, Spanish Blackjack is a simple game were the player tries to get a higher valued hand the the dealer without busting (going over 21). Blackjack is a hand that makes 21 with two cards and it automatically wins and pays odd of 3-2.

Two cards are dealt to the player and he needs to decide whether to hit( take another card) or stand (sit on what they have). The player may hit as many times as they wish but once they bust, the hand is over and they lose.

If after receiving their first two cards they feel they are in a good position to hit once for a good hand they are given the option to double their bet. When a bet is doubled they can only take one  card. Players can split pairs into two hands. As is not the case in the original blackjack, players are able to split aces.

The player may feel after seeing the dealers first card and their own two that there position is risky. In this situation they may surrender their hand. They will only lose half of their stake when surrendering.

Blackjack has been a much loved card game for centuries. It has appeared in many formats but none better than Spanish Blackjack. The fact the the 2% edge goes to the player is a good reason to try it. The sounds, the graphics, the perceived reality and the undeniable thrill are more good reasons.

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