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Super Fun 21

Blackjack is a game loved by a lot of people.

For this reason, developers of blackjack have developed its variation named Super Fun 21.

This game although is a variation of blackjack but plays on entirely different rules. Despite this, the game doesn’t stop in providing its players with a quality time full of fun and excitement.

This game plays with one deck of normal 52 cards. It provides players with a lot of variation and options to choose from. Furthermore, the game is filled with numerous rewarding features along with many other options.

This game of luck and skills provides a lot of opportunities for bonuses. A bonus occurs if the player gets a blackjack in the diamonds suit. This will make the player eligible for a payout of 2:1. Another bonus occurs when the player scores a 20 or less with six cards. The third bonus occurs if the player scores a 21 with six cards or more. This bonus will make the player eligible to a payout at a ratio of 2:1.

The game also offers an option of split. This will enable the player to split the cards of same value into a hand of four. However, every time the split takes place a bet equivalent to the initial amount is placed for every other hand that appears.

Apart from this, Super Fun 21 also has many other sorts of bets such the insurance of bet, double down and so on.

The thrill, excitement and payoffs are out of the world. In order to get a taste of this attention-grabbing game, try out a free version of the Super Fun 21 game.

Once all these facts have been proven true, apply for a paid version of this game and continue to enjoy playing this game with all features and rewards forever.

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