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Vegas Downtown

Gamblers say that a visit to Las Vegas is incomplete without the visit to Vegas Downtown. A downtown casino is believed to give higher payouts and that is probably how blackjack got this new name Vegas down town blackjack.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand by either getting a total higher than the dealer or getting a total of twenty one. This variation of the casino game is played with two regular decks of fifty two playing cards. The dealer deals out the cards and the dealer can take a peek at his/her cards if the face up card is either a ten or an ace. Dealer has to get a minimum total of seventeen. If the total of any cards exceeds twenty one then it is called a ‘bust hand’.

Place the bet which can be increased by clicking on the plus or minus button. The dealer deals out one card each face up. The second card for the player is face up while for the dealer is face down. The player can either choose to open one more card by clicking on ’hit’, ‘double’ the bet if player thinks that the card that will be opened will get the total to twenty one or if no more cards are to be opened then click on ‘stand’. 

If player gets two cards of the same face value then player has the option to split the cards and automatically the same amount is bet on this second hand too. This doubles the chances of winning for the player.

Vegas blackjack downtown offers players an exciting experience and unique ways to win big. So enjoy this variation of blackjack right from the comforts of home and experience the real feel of the sin city Las Vegas.

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