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Cash Splash

The Cash Splash slot machine is one of the originals, handed down from the old one armed bandits days. It is a timeless classic and one of the few that features an on line jackpot accumulated from a pooling of funds by all the players of Cash Splash and its twin sister Cash Splash 5 reel.

As one of the more popular gaming machines the jackpot rises quite rapidly and goes of with monotonous regularity. The jackpot often creeps above 30 000 credits and has gone up to over 200 000 credits which makes it a great gambling choice at good odds.

There are three reels and only one pay line. The minimum bet is 1 credit and the maximum is 3 credits on the centre line. Of course all pays are multiplied by the amount of coins played.

The progressive jackpot can be only won if the players are using the maximum outlay of 3 credits. Considering the cash that is being splashed around, these are good odds. With only 6 different symbols there are less combinations and more frequent pay outs.

Cash Splash features the traditional symbols of 7, 1 bar, 2 bar, 3 bar, and cherries. It is quite simple to spin one cherry up on the centre line and it in itself will double the outlay for that spin. The cherries keep the player in the game for a long time. Three of any of the bar symbols also will more than double that spins disbursement.

The Cash Splash symbol is the one players want to see. This colourful symbol with coins and notes substitutes for all symbols on all reels.

One cash splash substitution doubles the prize while two substitutions will triple the pay. It is easy to see how the splash of cash can grow, especially as the wild symbol comes up with the cherries and bars so often.

Cash Splash 5 is a great, simple slot machine with heaps of appeal. It will give the player many hours of fun with many prosperous possibilities.


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