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Taste the high rewards with Fruit Fiesta!

It’s time to juice up your life with the sweet and rewarding fruit treat experience through fruit fiesta online slot machine.

This online slot machine will not only tantalize you with its tempting fruits but gives an exciting experience of quick winning.

Through fruit fiesta, the jackpot winning probability is quite high with just wager up few cents for entering the initial bet. The fruit fiesta slot game is packed with the feature of wild symbol, scatters symbol and the most attractive one, which is progressive jackpot.

The game is available in both 3 and 5 reel slots, offering greater jackpot chances with the 5 reel.

The Wild symbol of this game is an alluring feature, which serves the purpose to substitute any other symbol in pay line for making a perfect winning combination.

While the scattered melon symbol can be spread over in any slot of the reels and can appear three or more times. The Scattered melon symbol denotes that its appearance on enabled pay line for winning is not required.     
The highest combinations on which a player can able to get a hold on through spins on each pay line, will rewards with cash prize by this slot game. In addition to this, the scatter wins are accumulated and added up to the total winning pay line.

It’s not only the quick winnings and the progressive jackpot of fruit fiesta which excite the players but its fruity fresh layout, vibrating and colorful graphics and high speed play features captivates the player with one of the most fun-filled slot machine online game experience. 

An enticing feature of game selection level; normal mode and expert mode along with user friendly interaction with slot machine, makes this a popular game at large. Its progressive jackpot winning is one of the highest scoops among the other slot games, which is usually rewarded weekly. 

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