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Jackpot Deuces

Jackpot Deuces is an extremely interesting and a highly entertaining video poker game. All poker lovers can now be delighted as there has been an addition of a new game in the family of poker. This game although survives on luck, but still requires some skills. Therefore, a perfect mix of skills and luck will help the players win a lot of money.

This game is based on a draw of five cards and a 52 card deck. The factor distinguishing this poker game from the normal poker games is the fact that it is being played against the computer and not the machine.

Furthermore, the game rewards the lucky players with a progressive jackpot, which is initiated after the player places a bet on five coins, which can worth up to the amount of the 30,000 credits. This jackpot occurs when the player gets a 10, king, queen, ace of diamonds and a jack on the reel. However, the players should remember that the amount of bet, to qualify for this jackpot, should not exceed the amount of 5 credits.

This single hand game orders the players to collect the best five hand card. However, this complication is reduced for the players as the software itself decides which cards to keep or which discard.

In case the individuals require doing this on their own, the players have been provided with the buttons hold, draw and deal. By clicking deal, the player’s five cards are dealt and the software then automatically decides which cards to keep. 

This game is a fit for people of all sorts of interest. Therefore, all lovers of pokers must try out this game.

All this is hard to believe therefore the players can first try out the free version of this game and then try out the paid version of the jackpot deuces.

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