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King Cashalot

One slots game that really aims to pay you back in kind is the King Cashalot. This is one of those progressive jackpot things that will keep you glued to the screens for hours at a time. The gaming experience could not have been as good as the real time as this is with special graphics and sounds made real by adding magic to the whole game play experience.

As you could probably guess from the name, it is very aptly themed on a medieval quest, which involves a whole host of knights in shining armour. Just the fact that this shining armour really throws light on the extreme graphics that the game uses and this is why people keep coming for more.

Let’s see how the game is actually played.

For starters, the game is a five reel version of the jackpot, which basically offers you the chance of a whole host of nine pay lines. This is something that really keeps the players on their toes and ensures the excitement in the game is sustained throughout. Even better is the fact that you find losing harder than winning most of the times.

This is basically more or less due to the fact that the game offers so many scatters and wilds that your chances of winning this game is much more than any other game. This is really something that all players have demanded but have not had the opportunity to play, until the King Cashalot rolled into town.

However that is not all!

The game also incorporates the chance of a bonus round, a concept that has been abandoned by many of the games. This bonus round is something quite challenging. It asks you to surrender all your winnings at a chance of actually getting much more than them.

Sounds exciting? Well it really is!

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