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Lots a Loot 5 Reel

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Lots A Loot 5 Reel

There is no doubt that the lots a loot 5 reel is simply that; lots of loot.

This online slot game does not only give you an opportunity to win cash, it also makes it possible for you to win extra cash at that. The fact that the game is action packed and full of excitement makes it your best pick when it comes to playing online casino games.

The game’s general outlay is simply appealing. It has captivating sounds and imagery that enhance your play.

Apart from play enhancement, you have limitless opportunities of winning very attractive prizes. Activating all the pay lines at your disposal puts you in a good position of winning the jackpot. The good thing with this game is the fact that payouts are frequent, which makes it very popular.

This is a five reels game with twenty five pay lines. Although the coin value is fixed at 0.01 credits and the fact that you can only use one coin per spin, you can bet with 2.25 credits, which is reasonable considering that there are twenty five pay lines. The lots a loot 5 reel slot game’s symbols are an indication of richness.

You have access to varied play symbols that include a golden pot containing golden coins, a rainbow that appears over the pot, four leaf clovers and a BAR symbol in addition to play card values.

Winning the game requires that you have five play symbols together with the pot containing golden coins on the twenty fifth line, in which case you win the progressive jackpot. Note that the pot of golden coins is also the game’s wild symbol, which you can swap with a worthless symbol to form a winning combination of symbols.

While having five symbols on the twenty fifth line gives you the opportunity to win the jackpot, getting five symbols on any other line activates the bonus feature that you can use to increase you earnings.

Apart from being a cool game, the lots a loot 5 reel slot game has many symbol combinations that guarantee you a win.

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