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If you are looking for a straight forward progressive, and less complicated slot machine game then the Lotsaloot game is certainly your best choice. This three-reel twenty five pay line progressive video game literally opens up the door for you to earn massive accumulated jackpot prizes. Every coin you insert into the slot increases the amount of jackpot you are likely to win.

Very few online video slot games offer players an opportunity to earn big with a low denomination coin per pay line as this game does. The game has a fixed coin value of 0.50 credits per pay line and with twenty five pay lines, you have high chances of hitting the jackpot. While three wild symbols entitles you to a jackpot prize of 2,500 coins, adding two more wild symbols puts you in a better position to winning the main jackpot.

Successful play requires that you master all the symbols and in particular the wild symbols. The game features a coloured Lotsaloot, which is the wild symbol. Getting five symbols on the third reel guarantees you the jackpot. Furthermore, creating a creating a winning combination with the wild symbol literally doubles or quadruples your earnings.

However, you are only entitled to one payout per line. Because you may need to relax in the course of a game, you have the auto play feature at your disposal. Switching on this feature automatically leaves the reels running for uncountable spins. You are however obligated to indicate how many coins to bet, spins and the number of pay lines.

Although the game does not have any scatters, the fact that you only need to have a maximum of twenty five coins to play makes it one of the most affordable slot machine games available. Note however, the more you bet the more you increase your chances of winning. This requires that you enable more pay lines and ensue that you have winning symbol combinations on your paid pay lines.

The Lotsaloot slot game is not simply a petty jackpot game; appropriate use of the varied assorted regular symbols guarantees you a win.

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