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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

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Multi Wheel Roulette Gold

Multi wheel roulette gold is a new and modified version of the traditional French roulette. With multiple wheels, the player has more chances to win than the standard roulette.

The game of roulette consists of a wheel, a ball and a table with numbers. The wheel has pockets with numbers from zero to thirty six. The numbers from one to thirty six are arranged in rows of three and columns of twelve numbers. Each section of twelve numbers is called a dozen bet while each line of twelve numbers is called a line bet.  The table is dedicated to different types of bets.

In this casino game there are eight wheels. Each wheel can be enabled or disabled by the player and bets can be placed. The wheel is spun and the ball is spun in the opposite direction. The speed of the spin can be adjusted by the player. Once the ball settles into the pocket that decides whether the player wins or loses.

Types of bets and wins are different. The player can decide what to bet on, how much amount to bet and what are the chances of winning. A simple rule is to bet on the same number and increase the bet till that number does not win, this is called a straight bet and wins 35:1. Two numbers split bet wins 17:1, three number street bet wins 11:1. Four number corners bet wins 8:1 while a five number bet wins 6:1. A line bet of six numbers pays 5:1 while dozen bet and column bet of twelve numbers pays 2:1. Red or black, odd or even number and high or low pays 1:1.

Multi wheel roulette gold offers the player the chances to win eight times as by activating up to eight wheels. With multiple options to bet, register now and win big.

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