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Discover a Hidden Win With Our Online Scratch Cards

Scratch cards are immensely popular and are the quick pick for many looking to land big cash prizes. Wouldn’t we all like to win that jackpot prize at least once in our lives? Lucky247 is giving you a far more convenient opportunity to see how your luck goes with our great online scratch cards.

Online scratch cards are so easy to play because they follow a very familiar formular. To play online scratch cards the goal is simply to find three of the same symbols or numbers to win a particular prize. The age-old thrill of the unknown is what makes online scratch cards to popular; you never know what great fortune might lie underneath the surface.

Whenever you feel like playing a quick game, or try your luck at those great cash prizes, now you can - anywhere and anytime you please! As with all scratch cards, our online scratch cards have their own set of rules, which differ according to each game.

The most common version of the online scratch card game is the multiplier card. You first pick an amount you would like to bet, this is just like picking a scratch card from your local store as they all have different prizes. Once you have done this you ‘scratch’ open all the squares by moving your mouse over the card. But instead of instantly seeing a cash amount, you see multipliers (or symbols that represent multipliers). So for example, if you bet 10 casino credits and you find a multiplier of 20x, you win 200 casino credits!

The online scratch card is a great option for the player looking for a quick but fun game with the potential of a lot of return in a short amount of time. Looking for somewhere to start? Why not try the popular online scratch card Cashapillar!

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