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Do you want to be transported to the romantic era of gallant knights and magic?

Then travel through time and embark on an adventure in the Avalon. This is one spine-tingling video slot game that will not only bring you tons of excitement but tons of money too! Just let the Lady of the Lake and King Arthur show you. One of their amazing gifts is to give you plenty of chances to spin again for free and multiply your winnings yet again.

Live the legend

Experience the excitement of the medieval period and live through the quests of King Arthur and his Knights; or be Queen Guinevere and have the greatest King and the mightiest Knight fall for you; or be the keeper of the powerful Excalibur, you can have it all and be all in Avalon. Then when you come back to reality you bring with you real treasures and winnings from the game.

Digital technology at its best

The amazing details, the awesome graphics, the true to life sound effects all contribute to giving you the genuine feel of being transported through time when Legends were real. The production of the Avalon video slot is truly a combination of remarkable work of art and awesome technology. You will surely enjoy the feeling of magic and mystery of the Golden Age.

How to win the game

Naturally, what you should look for are treasure like crowns, jewels, and chalices because these are your winning items. Additionally, you could even win up to 105,000 coins as jackpot prize! Who wouldn’t want a chance like that? You will definitely enjoy lots of free spins, which increases you chances of winning real money.

The Lady of the Lake is very generous in giving out free spins because she absolutely wants you to win.

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