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Forsaken Kingdom™ Slot

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The path to valour await you with our newest adventure game: Forsaken Kingdom™ Slot

Set off on a heroic adventure into the medieval world of kingdoms, castles, knights and the sword of Excalibur. Join our hero in this dark world, King Arthur, and see how he meets his challenges and threats head-on. 

This exciting 5-reel slot showcases a production value unrivalled, and is sure to keep you coming back for many more hours of game time. So, be sure to walk the path with valour as this road is no easy feat to master.

The game is centralised around the Round Table of Fortune, a feature synonymous with the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table! The aim of this game is to gather your twelve knights by collecting a variety of rare shield symbols. As you set about collecting these Shield symbols, another knight is added to the Round Table. The feature is triggered once the last knight is added.

Forsaken Kingdom™ Slot comes complete with the highest in production quality and visuals – redefining the level of your gaming experience in one easy step.
Get your adventure on - join King Arthur and his Knights by playing Forsaken Kingdom™ Slot, LIVE NOW!

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