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Ladies Nite

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Ladies Nite

With a myriad of casino games worldwide, the ‘Ladies Nite’ ranks amongst the hottest and most exciting games to be played at the casino. Its layout is quite simple; the game is entirely based upon the player’s luck, which is nothing new as all casino games require luck and strategy to win. The game comes under the category of slot machines that require the placing of a bet and making your luck do the job. 

In the context of the game, we all know how ladies like to go out and have a blast every night with their friends and family. They are even quite notorious for the long shopping adventures and parties for almost endless hours into the night. However due to the hectic schedule and the fact that more and more women are now entering the professional world, we see that due to the sheer strain, the night outs are becoming a premium. And let us admit it, going out for a woman is a hard job, all that dressing up to do can really drain you before you even step out of your house.

So the Ladies Nite is the perfect solution to all feminine problems of the modern era. Through this, they can still enjoy a great gaming night with their pals without even having to ever dress up.

The game follows the model of a five reel slot game, offering nine winning lines for the players. Even though the game does not have any progressive jackpot prize, the presence of both a wild and a scatter symbol is enough to keep the players hooked onto the game.

The wild symbol is a pink slot with wild written on it and for the scatter you see a male seductive figure carrying a round of champagne with scatter written on it.

Totally enticing and addictive indeed – ladies do not miss out on this!

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