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Aces and Eights

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Aces And Eights

“Aces and Eights” is a fun variation of the traditional poker. It is a two pair poker hand wherein the winning combination is a pair of aces and or eights. This game gets its name from Hickok’s final hand that he held aces and eights when he was murdered in 1876 before the fifth card was drawn. James Butler Hickok, a skilled gunman was a folk hero of the American Old West and was popularly known as Wild Bill Hickok.

Ace and Eights is one of the more popular poker games. With no wild cards, its gets more exciting as the cards are chosen or discarded. It’s not just a game of pure luck but also a game of brain. Buy credits, place bets by clicking the chips for wager amount from 0.25 credits to 5 credits. The payouts range from one credit to four thousand credits. Payouts are governed by what is shown on the pay table. To stop play, click on the cash out button.

Learn the simple tricks on how to choose or discard a card and be on the way to big wins when playing Aces and Eights!

Played with a normal deck of fifty two cards, five cards are given to the player by the dealer. Player makes a choice of which card to keep by clicking on it, the remaining cards are discarded and new cards are received when player clicks on ‘deal’ button.
A winner combination that offers special payouts is:

• Four of a Kind (As or 8s)
• Four of a Kind (7s)
• Four of a Kind (Others)

Aces and eights is also called the “dead man’s hand”. This fun game relaxes the mind and soul and a big coin balances does make one feel very happy. All the peace and happiness at the finger tips when playing this amazingly simple variation of poker.

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