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Aces and Faces Poker

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Aces And Faces Poker

Welcome to one of the coolest poker games online. Aces and Faces Poker is a simple, easy game, which can be played by all players. This game is a single player game where the player’s luck is matched against the machine (dealer).

Aces and Faces slot poker is traditionally played with a deck of fifty two cards, the machine deals out five cards after the player has placed a bet. The player places the bet by clicking on the coin add or subtract button depending on the bet to be placed.

There are no wild cards in this game. The player chooses the cards to retain and clicks on the card that will be replaced. The card is renewed only once. The machine then checks for possible payouts.

The Ace cards and Faces cards are the winning combination that will give a higher payout. Some winner combinations are:

• Royal Flush-Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of the same suit
• Straight Flush-Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten of any suit
• Four of a kind
• Full House-Three cards of the same numerical denomination and two cards of a numerical denomination
• Flush-cards all being of the same suit
• Straight-Five cards in numeric order of any suit. For example- 3 of hearts, 4 of diamonds, 5 of clubs, 6 of clubs, 7 hearts
• Three of a Kind-Three cards of the same denomination. For example- 3 Kings, 3-10s, 3-7s

Aces and Faces poker is one of the most enjoyable paid slot games when played for money. Ratio of returns is very high. If player bets five coins, the payout is four thousand coins for Royal Flush or if a player bets one coin then payout are eighty credits for four aces! Play the paid version of Aces and Faces poker and feel lucky!

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