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Deuces Wild

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Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is an interesting variation of poker. It is played with a regular deck of fifty two cards. All the cards with face value two (deuces) are declared as wild cards. This wild card can be used to substitute any card to complete a winning hand.

Register and play for real to win real money that is credited to the players account directly.

Enjoy the simple graphics and the sound effects every time the cards are dealt out. With multiple payouts, this online casino game is fun to play.

Five cards are dealt out after the player has placed the bet. Hold the cards that need not be changed keeping in mind the winning combination that may be made when the other cards are changed. Clicking on the cards will ‘hold’ the cards. Click on ‘deal’ button to change the remainder of the cards that will be replaced. With this is a new set of cards from which the winning combination is decided.

The payouts for winning hand are tempting so play for real money especially if the player bets higher. The player can win up to four thousand coins for five coins bet. The minimum win against a bet is when player has three of a kind.

Deuces Wild poker payouts are decided by the casino and generally pay according to the ranking as in poker. A minimum of three of a kind is required for the player to win something.

This online slot is not just a spin and click game but makes the player think and apply brains as to what card/s to hold and which ones to chance.

So enjoy a few hands of this amazing variation that exercises the mind and the purse as well.

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