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Double Double Bonus Poker

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Double Double Bonus Poker.

If an individual is a poker fan and many are, there is no better slot machine than Double Double Bonus Poker. It conforms precisely the regular poker rules with a couple of interesting additions and exciting features. The player has the same adrenalin rushes and exhilaration that live play provides. Instead of playing against other people, players play against the dealer. It is played with a normal 52 card deck and it is shuffled before each hand is played.

The screen is really colourful and attractive. It is easy to read and follow. There is a sense of reality about the whole way the game is played. A minimum coin value of 0.25 credits is allowed with a maximum of 5 credits. The player can bet 5 coins per hand allowing a range of bets from 1.25 up to 25 credits. For the clever poker player there is a lot of money to win.

The prize list is displayed on Double Double Bonus Poker screen with a pair of Jacks paying 1 credit up to a royal flush giving a 250 credit bounty. The addition to the standard winning poker hands are four aces with any one, two or three paying a dividend of 400 credits making it the highest paying combination. Any four two’s, three’s or four’s with any ace will increase the wallet by 160 credits, the same as 4 aces pays.

The dealer, deals the player 5 cards to the sound of flicking playing cards. They will then decide on their bet value based on the chances they feel they have with the dealt hand. Each card has a hold button provided. The player simply holds the cards they want to keep. Pressing the draw buttons deals the remaining required cards and the winning hand and it’s value will flash on the prize list.

Another great feature allows the player to double up their prize. By pressing the double button, five cards are dealt face down. The first card is displayed and the player is to choose one of the remaining four cards. If the card is of a higher value to the turned up card, their winning prize is doubled. If the player looses their nerve they can just choose the collect button.

Poker has held the worlds gamblers imagination since the year dot. The Double Double Bonus Poker slot machine takes it all to a whole new level of pleasure with some novel twists and turns.



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