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Jacks or Better

If you are looking for a classical poker game then Jacks or Better is a must try. The whole point of the game is to get the top paying winning hand that is listed on the payout table this means you need at the very least a Pair of Jacks.

The interface of the modern Jacks or Better virtual casino game has really been beefed up. Through this interface you can see that there are more options available to the player that were never there before and this gives another reason for you to enjoy your time playing Jacks or Better by basically taking advantage of the awesome new features such as real time peer playing where you can chat and play at the same time with your friends.

So how is this game played?  Jacks or Better is basically an evolution from the 5 card draw system. To start the game, one of the players has to end up with at least one pair of Jacks at which point the betting of the game can be declared open. If for example an instance occurs that there are no players who have achieved a pair of Jacks, the hand is discarded and the cards are dealt once again. It is also imperative that when the bet is open, the player also goes ahead and shows that he possesses the required hand.

After that, the bets are made and defended as the game progresses and the true theme of the game is upheld, which means that anyone having a Jack pair, or even more, stands an increased chance of sweeping the table as compare to other players. There is also something called doubling bonus round where you stand a chance to increase your winnings if you have a winning poker hand!

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