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Joker Poker

A game designed to accommodate at most seven players, the joker poker transition from the table to the world of internet gaming has gone out quite as planned. The interface pioneers ground breaking graphical design and coupled with exquisite sounds, the interface is a real treat for all gamers. You feel like you are in a real casino with this game.

Coming into the game play, it is quite good to see that the transition from the table to the screen has not resulted in the game losing any of its good points. The best amongst which is the fact that the seven players can really play in real time with each other and if you are going to be playing the game on premium, the awesome add on feature that you get is you can basically chat real time with the players. So no matter where you and your friends are you can still enjoy a good game of joker poker.

The rules of the game are quite simple to understand even for someone who is new to either internet gaming or the world of cards. There will be a cut off limit for both the least and most bet that is allowed on that table and each player is obliged to make one amongst these bars. The player will proceed to place the bet at a pre specified circle in front of him.

The game progresses as the dealer continues to churn out cards to each player until such a time arrives when the players each have five cards in front of them. After this, each player must make the decision of making one card of his choice his ‘wild’ card. This wild card then becomes quite instrumental in the context of the bet that you have placed.

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