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Multihand - Jacks or Better

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Multihand-Jacks Or Better

Of all variations of poker, the Multihand-Jacks or Better stands out as the easiest game to master, a good reason why you need to play the game. Perhaps you may consider taking your time to first practice while playing the free Jacks or Better video poker games in order to gain the necessary experience and master the vital skills and rules before you delve into playing the real money games.

You will find the game very easy to play if you already know standard ranking of cards. The Multihand-Jacks or Better cards are ranked in the same sequence of cards with the Ace, King, Queen and Jack coming top, followed by ten in descending order up to two. Your objective should be to obtain a winning hand, which can be a pair of jacks or better. You can achieve this by simply holding the best cards. Doing so is certainly the best strategy in attaining higher hands such as a Royal Flush, the highest hand in the game.

Successful betting in the game requires that you set your bets first. You can bet in the denominations as low as 0.05, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 or 5.00 credits. Clicking on the corresponding chips will credit you account. Clicking on the “Bet One” tab opens the way for you to place your bet. Note that clicking on the “Bet Max” tab gives you the opportunity to bet all five coins at a go. You are required to click the “Draw Deal” button to replace discarded cards. You need to note that every hand in the game yields a different return, with payouts increasing as you raise your betting limits.

The game has a double or nothing feature that is automatically activated every time you obtain a winning hand. Clicking “Yes” to double your winnings earns you four face-down cards in addition to the dealer’s up card. You are then obligated to select a card of a higher value than the dealer’s.

Playing the Multihand-Jacks or Better game makes it possible for you to win in varied ways.

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