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Multihand-Joker Poker

The Multihand-Joker poker is one of the video poker games you can play just in case you are new to the game of poker. It is a classic game that is both simple and easy to play. Furthermore, it is very easy to win. Unlike in most other poker games, all jokers in this game are wild cards. Because getting to know gaming rules can take some time, it is always appropriate to first play the free version of the game before venturing into the real money game.

This game features between two and four decks with each deck having fifty three cards. This includes a joker and deuces. You have five cards that you are dealt and you have the choice of either holding or discarding as many as you wish, so long as you form a winning card combination. Note that the cards you hold in one hand are also held in other hands. Discarded cards are replaced from their respective decks. The fact that payouts are made on wild royal flush, five of a kind, natural royal flush, a joker, four deuces, full house, flush, straight, four of a kind and a straight flush means that you have high chances of winning.

While you are free to play two, three or four hands in a Multihand-Joker poker, you are obligated to use coin denominations of as low as 0.25 credits or a maximum of 5 credits with five coins per hand. The top payout stands at 10,000 coins, which you can only win with maximum betting. As stated above, while playing this game can be easy, mastering gaming rules can be very tricky and although the urge to play and win real money can be overwhelming, it is only good that you first practice for the purpose of mastering the rules to effectively play and win in a Multihand-Joker poker game.

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