Promotional Terms

1. Introduction

1.1 The following terms and conditions govern the various Promotions offered by Us to You from time to time via or in association with the Website, and they form a legally binding contract between You and Us whenever You opt in to any such Promotion. Individual Promotions may also have specific terms applicable to them and We will make those clear to You within the advertising, headline offer, landing or sign-up pages for the relevant Promotions (or equivalent, as the case may be) or else by means of a link. Any such Promotion-specific terms shall form part of these Promotional Terms.
1.2 In addition to these Promotional Terms, Your use of the Website is governed by our general Terms and Conditions which You can find here.
1.3 Capitalised words and phrases in these Promotional Terms shall have the meanings set out in the general Terms and Conditions unless they are specifically defined in these Promotional Terms.
1.4 In these Promotional Terms, the following capitalised terms shall have the following meanings:
"Account Balance" means the total funds in Your Customer Account, meaning the aggregate of all: (i) Cash (which You can withdraw without restriction); and (ii) Casino Bonus Monies (which may be subject to Promotional Restrictions before it or the winnings won with it become Cash);
"Bonus" means any funds or equivalent which We have credited to Your Customer Account which You can use to make wagers on the Website, including (for example) so-called 'deposit matches', free wagers and free spins;
"Bonus Abuse" and "Bonus Fraud" means those activities that We list in clauses 3.2 and 3.3 of these Promotional Terms;
"Bonus Monies" means Casino Bonus Money;
"Cash" means those funds in Your Customer Account that are not subject to any Wagering Requirements, namely: (i) Your deposits; and (ii) Casino Bonus Monies where You have complied with the applicable Promotional Requirements.
"Casino Bonus" means any Bonus that We have credited to Your Customer Account as part of a casino games-related Promotion;
"Casino Bonus Money" means: (i) any Casino Bonus which is not immediately withdrawable by You as Cash, plus (ii) any winnings made using a Casino Bonus which are subject to uncompleted Wagering Requirements; and (iii) in the case of any wager made using a mixture of Casino Bonus Money and Cash, the share of the relevant winnings that is proportionate to the share of the stake which came from Casino Bonus Money.
"Deposit Bonus" means a Bonus consisting of a so-called 'deposit match' where funds are credited by Us to your Customer Account in response to You making a qualifying deposit of Cash;
"Free Bonus" means a Bonus awarded without requiring a deposit to be made;
"Free Spin" means a Bonus consisting of the right to play slots games for no charge;
"Promotional Restriction" means: (i) any Wagering Requirement applicable to any Bonus; as well as (ii) any other restriction on how You can wager that is a term of any Promotion and which would not apply to ordinary Cash deposited by Your in Your Customer Account in the normal manner outside that Promotion;
"Wagering Requirement" means the number of times you must wager the value of the Casino Bonus awarded to You before that Casino Bonus will become Cash.
"Welcome Package Bonus" means the casino-related Promotion described in clause 4 below.

2. General Terms

2.1 You can withdraw Cash from Your Customer Account at any time without any restriction other than the processing charges that may be set out in the general Terms & Conditions from time-to-time. However if you make a withdrawal you will forfeit any remaining Bonus Balances in Your Customer Account. Please see section 7 of the general Terms and Conditions for the details of the processing charges that We impose on our Customers from time-to-time.
2.2 You may not withdraw any Casino Bonus Money until You have complied with the applicable Promotional Requirements. Where You have complied with the relevant Promotional Requirements, the Casino Bonus Money (or the winnings resulting from it) derived from the relevant Promotion will become Cash and will be free for You to withdraw without any restriction other than as described in clause 2.1 above.
2.3 In the event of You withdrawing Your Cash Account balance, You will forfeit any remaining Bonus Balances. If Your withdrawal request is unsuccessful (for example if We have requested identification documents and they have not been provided – for more information please refer to section 7 of the General Terms and Conditions and Your funds have been returned to Your Cash Account, You will not receive back any forfeited Bonus funds.
2.4 Before any withdrawals are processed, Your play will be reviewed for any Bonus Abuse and Bonus Fraud. Where We reasonably suspect that You have been engaged in either Bonus Abuse or Bonus Fraud, then the consequences are described in clause 3.1 below.

Casino Games Wagering Requirements - Game Weighting
2.5 Where a Promotional Restriction consists of a Wagering Requirement, different casino games will be regarded as providing different percentages of the relevant Wagering Requirement, as follows: most Slots 100%*, Roulette 8%, Blackjack 8%, Other Games 0%.
* Please note the following Slots only contribute 25%. Retro Reels, Retro Reels – Diamond Glitz, Retro Reels – Extreme Heat, Hot Ink, Reel Gems, Dragon Dance, Bikini Party, Wild Orient, Lady In Red, Scrooge, Loaded.

Casino Bonuses
2.6 Unless stated in the specific terms applicable to any Promotion, any Casino Bonus awarded will be subject to a 40 times Wagering Requirement. What this means is that Your Casino Bonus Monies derived from that Promotion will become Cash as soon as You wager 40 times the value of the Casino Bonus awarded to You.
2.7 Casino wagers placed with Cash will win Cash, and casino wagers placed with Casino Bonus Money will win Casino Bonus Money. If Your total Account Balance consists of Cash and Casino Bonus Money, then each wager You place will be placed using both Cash and Casino Bonus Money in the ratio that the Cash and the Casino Bonus Monies in Your Customer Account bear to each other at the time of placing the wager.
2.8 So for example if You have a Cash balance of £100 and a Bonus Money balance of £100, in Your Customer Account, then if You place a £20 wager, £10 of the wager will come from Cash and £10 of the wager will come from Bonus Monies. If You win £50 from this wager, then £25 of Your winnings will be Cash and £25 will be Bonus Monies.
2.9 If You are awarded a Casino Bonus, then the maximum single wager You are allowed to place is £6.25 until the Wagering Requirement of the Casino Bonus awarded is achieved.

Deposit Bonuses
2.10 Only deposits made using a credit or debit card are eligible for Deposit Bonuses. Deposits made using alternate payment methods are not eligible.

Free Bonuses and Free Spins
2.11 In the event of a Customer never having made a deposit on their Customer Account prior to receiving any Free Bonus or Free Spin, any withdrawal of Cash winnings derived from the Free Bonus or Free Spin awarded will be limited to £100.

2.12 All Bonuses, including Free Spins, expire 2 days after being awarded.

Opting Out
2.13 You can opt out of receiving any given Bonus. To do this, You must contact support and request that the Bonus is removed from Your Customer Account prior to making Your first wager after receiving the Bonus. Once We have confirmed to You that the Bonus has been removed You can commence wagering. If however You begin wagering after receiving a Bonus, but before We confirm that the Bonus has been removed from Your Customer Account, You will be bound by the applicable Promotional Terms.

3. Bonus Abuse and Bonus Fraud

3.1 We offer our valued Customers Promotions to reward them and We do not tolerate Bonus Abuse or Bonus Fraud. If We discover or have reasonable grounds to suspect that any Bonus Abuse or Bonus Fraud has taken or is taking place, We will cease awarding any further Promotions to the relevant Customers, void Bonuses received by the relevant Customers as part of existing Promotions and remove winnings from the relevant Customers' Customer Accounts.
3.2 The following constitutes Bonus Abuse:
3.2.1 equal wagers or zero margin wagers with Bonus Monies;
3.2.2 placing single bets in excess of £6.25 until such time as the Wagering Requirement of that Bonus is met;
3.2.3 two tier betting; where large bets are placed on high variance outcomes, before switching to normal variance outcomes once Wagering Requirements are met, and vice versa;
3.2.4 decreasing Your stake amount by 60% or more after a large win for the purpose of clearing Wagering Requirements while a Bonus is still active, e.g. winning £100 on any spin including a double up and reducing Your stake amount to £40 or less;
3.2.5 moving from a low weighted game (25% or less wagering contribution) to a higher weighted contribution game (100%) after large wins for the purpose of clearing Wagering Requirements. Game weighting is specified in clause 2.5 above;
3.2.6 placing minimal risk bets, such as any bet spread combination in roulette games covering 25 or more of the 37 unique number spots on the table.
3.2.7 moving from wagering in a low weighted game (25% or less wagering contribution) to a high risk betting strategy after meeting Wagering Requirements.
3.3 The following constitutes Bonus Fraud:
3.3.1 using more than one Customer Account in order to claim multiple Bonuses;
3.3.2 using a VPN or masking IP addresses in order to claim multiple Bonuses or to facilitate acting in concert with other Customers;
3.3.3 colluding between Customers as described in section 13.1.6 of the General T&Cs; and
3.3.4 bonus stacking, namely using multiple deposits to claim multiple Bonuses before the Wagering Requirement of the original Bonus is met.

4. Welcome Package Bonus – Additional Terms

4.1 We offer most new Customers a Welcome Package Bonus where You can receive up to £500 in total Casino Bonus Money on Your first three deposits.
4.2 If You opt in, You will get the following Casino Bonuses on Your first three deposits; deposit 1 – 100% deposit match Bonus up to £250; deposit 2 – 25% deposit match Bonus up to £150; deposit 3 – 50% deposit match Bonus up to £100.
For Example; if You deposit £250 in Your first deposit, You will receive a Bonus of £250, if You deposit £600 in Your second deposit, You will receive a Bonus of £150, and if You deposit £200 in Your third deposit You will receive a Bonus of £100.
4.3 The Welcome Package Bonus is available to newly registered Customers and on one occasion only.
4.4 The minimum first, second and third deposits are £20 each.
4.5 You are only eligible to opt in for the Welcome Package Bonus for up to 2 days from Your registration.
4.6 To qualify for the Welcome Package Bonus You must click the “JOIN” box during the registration process, which indicates that you wish to receive the Welcome Package Bonus and accept the applicable Promotional Terms.
4.7 If You do opt in to the Welcome Package Bonus as described in clause 4.6 above You will automatically receive the applicable Bonus with each of Your first three deposits.
4.8 If You do not want to receive the Welcome Package Bonus or want a Welcome Package Bonus removed from Your account, please follow the steps outlined in clause 2.13 above.

5. Free Spin Promotions – Additional Terms

5.1 Promotions consisting of Free Spins and which are awarded as a result of a deposit require a minimum deposit of £20.
5.2 Free Spins awarded are valid for 2 days, after which any unused Free Spins will expire.
5.3 Winnings derived from Free Spins will be Casino Bonus Monies and will be credited to a Customer’s Casino Bonus Account.

All promotions are subject to our General Terms & Conditions.

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